Our Physicians

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Anesthesiology Nephrology Pathology
Nestor Yap Deasis MD Brandon K Bean MD Pamela Bartholomew MD
Ross P Mestayer MD Sumitha Ganji MD Rebeca DelValle Candal MD
Konda D Reddy MD Melissa A Inman MD Jeremy W Henderson MD
Anthony J Scurria MD Georgi A Kovachev MD
Thomas T West MD David R Powers MD Plastic Surgery
John Simon MD Michele Marie Cooper MD
Cardiology Daniel P Tveit MD Thomas T Sands MD
Marc Bernstein MD Christopher G Trahan MD
Richard Colon M.D. Neurology Matthew W Wise MD
Keith G Hickey MD Ramy El Khoury, MD
Bruce J Iteld MD Podiatry
Richard W Pearl MD Neurosurgery William H Dabdoub DPM
Mohammad Almubaslat MD Tyler P Mancil DPM
DDS - Pedodontia Donald D Dietze Jr. MD
Brigette Jones DDS John J Kruse MD Pulmonary
Peter G Liechty MD Francisco J Candal MD
Emergency Medicine Justin L Owen MD
Kweli J Amusa MD Erich O Richter MD Radiology
Darryl A Driggs MD Alan M Weems MD Myles C Digby MD
Prashant Gupta MD Kishore Vasudev Kamath MD
Walter E Norton MD Oral and Maxillofacial Richelle C Legnon MD
Sonia D Winslett MD Craig J Brandner DDS Dale Moreland MacCurdy MD
C. Bradley Dickerson DDS, MD Jeff S Redmond MD
Gastroenterology James A Loyola DDS Klar Antonia Rovira IV MD
Anthony F Albright MD Edward C Massett DDS William A Shaffer MD
Veronica To-Quyen Dugan MD David C Millaud DDS Charles B Smith MD
Timothy J Trainor MD Louis E Summersgill MD
General Surgery Joseph B Boucree MD Thoracic Surgery
Cary Franklin Gray MD Timothy Devraj MD Louis D. Hebert MD
William K Ordoyne MD Brian Lee Fong MD
Mark J Hontas MD Urology
General Surgery/Bariatric Brian T Kindl MD Harold R Neitzschman MD
Donald A Balder MD John B Logan MD
Matthew Sanders French MD Matti Palo MD Vascular Surgery
Thomas Edward Lavin MD Marco A Rodriguez MD Michael F Adinolfi MD
James A Leithead MD David Baruch Kaplan MD
Rachel L Moore MD Otolaryngology
James G Redmann MD James L Connolly MD
Michael J Thomas MD Jason M Guillot MD
Clark G Warden MD JD Louis C. Hebert MD
Gerard Francis Pena MD
Gynecology Jonathan Sorrel MD
Gregory L Berault MD
Diana K Clavin MD Pain Management
Jeanne Marie Eddington MD Tod A Aust MD
Robert A Eddington MD Susan J Bryant-Snure MD
Meredith J Hixson MD Barry F Faust M.D.
Blake C Landry MD Artemus II Flagg MD
Ann R Lobello MD Michael C Francis MD
Robert J Muller MD Steve C Lee MD
Ingrid K Roskos MD Ryan D Roberts MD
Melissa W Smith MD Eric I Royster MD
Stephen A Rynick MD
Infectious Disease Jonathan D Thompson MD
Camille (Kamil) Nasim Bitar MD
M. Faith Joubert MD
Bridget Ory MD